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Simple system tray widget that show battery status. Written with GTK 3.
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Batticon is simple system tray widget that show battery status. Written with GTK 3. To use, just place it where you want and start by running

$ batticon

Also you can install it from PyPi, for that just run

$ pip install batticon


Settings file named settings.json and used standard JSON markup. Today it have only two settings:

  • theme that can be set by theme name
  • timeout interval to update indicator.

Settings file can be placed in 3 places:

  • program executable directory
  • ~/.config/batticon/
  • /etc/batticon/

Themes can be placed in:

  • in 'themes' directory where program lay
  • ~/.config/batticon/themes/
  • /usr/share/batticon/themes/

How to create new theme

You can create your own theme. It is very easy to do. All what you should do:

  1. Create new directory and place it into themes one

  2. Create 2 sets of icons - one set for charging battery and one for discharging battery. Actually, it can be equal set of icons, but it should have different names (<battery_percent>-charging.<png|svg> for charging and similar but with 'discharging' instead 'charging' for discharging battery mode. You can place any number of icon for percent from 00 to 100 (it means that you can have 00,01,02...98,99,100 - full set of 101 icon for charging and 101 for discharging or you can just have 10,30,70,100 - set from 4 icon for charging and 4 for discharging; app will handle it right)

  3. You should remember that all icons should be or svg or png format

  4. Create icon with name 'default.<png|svg>'

  5. It's all - you can change name of theme to yours in settings and restart app

Your app doesn't work!!

Just write to me, don't be shy. I will really glad to help you with your problem. Also, be cautious - program depends on pygobject for GTK3 and this package usually distributed by OS itself. For example, it just doesn't work if I trying to install it from pip in my Arch laptop, but works well if I install it from repos.

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