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Yet another boilerplate for dva.
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Boilerplate to kickstart creating an app with Electron and dva.

详见Electron 应用实战 (架构篇),解释为何这样组织。

Getting started

In your directory, run:

$ curl -fsSL | tar -xz --strip-components 2

You can also git clone or download this repo and get contents of the boilerplate folder.


  • Two-Package.json Structure
  • Build src with webpack and babel, no grunt or gulp
  • Do communicate between main and renderer with electron.remote
  • Integrate two chrome extensions: redux devtool and react devtool
  • Livereload js and css
  • ...

Directory Structure

+ dist            // pack 完后的输出,.dmg, .exe, .zip, .app 等文件
+ build           // background.png, icon.icns, icon.ico
+ app             // 用于 pack 给用户的目录
  + dist          // src 目录打包完放这里
  + assets        // 字体、图片等资源文件
  + pages         // 存放页面
  - package.json  // 生产依赖,存 dependencies
+ src             // 源码
  + main          // main
  + renderer      // renderer
  + shared        // main 和 renderer 公用文件
- package.json    // 开发依赖,存 devDependencies




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