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Anime Scene Seach Engine

Trace back the scene where an anime screenshots is taken from.

It tells you which anime, which episode, and the exact moment this scene appears.


Try this image yourself.


This repo is just an index page for the whole system. It consists of different parts as below:

Client-side (gray parts):

Server-side (blue and red parts):

  • - API server for image search and database updates
  • - media server for video storage and scene preview generation
  • LireSolr - image analysis and search plugin for Solr

Others (orange parts):

  • - video analysis and indexing
  • anilist-crawler - getting anilist info and store in mariaDB
  • slides - pass presentation slides on project status
  • sola - an offline standalone version that combines liresolr and (no longer in development)


The easiest way to integrate with is by query string. No API needed.

You can pass image URL in query string like this API

A new API is going to be released, stay tuned for updates. Refer to below document for programs using the legacy API.