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WAIT: What Anime Is This (WebExtension)

Anime Reverse Search WebExtension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

license Chrome Web Store Downloads Discord

Chrome Web Store Firefox Addon Opera Addon Edge Extension

Use anime screenshots to search the scene it is taken from.

It tells you which anime, which episode, and exactly which moment this scene appears in Japanese Anime.


Demo image

Just right click on any Anime Screenshot to search

Search result tells you which moment it appears.

More info about the anime shown below provided by ANILIST


  • Fetch, resize, compress the search image locally within browser, avoid re-download if possible
  • Able to grab images that is not accessible from public internet
  • Able to extract a frame from HTML5 video to search

Known issues

  • Some websites like Twitter has elements on top of the video / images, so the search options does not appear in context menu.
  • Some websites like Facebook / Youtube has its own context menu which overrides the browser's default.