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Image Reverse Search for Anime Scenes

Use anime screenshots to search where this scene is taken from.

It tells you which anime, which episode, and exactly which moment this scene appears in Japanese Anime.


Demo image

Search result tells you which moment it appears.

How does it work uses sola to index video and work with liresolr. This repo only include the webapp for, which demonstrate how to integrate anilist info, and how thumbnail/video previews are generated. If you want to make your own video scene search engine, please refer to sola instead.

You may read a brief Presentation slides given in May 2016

And Presentation slides given in Jun 2017

System Overview

You may find some other related repo here

Official API Docs (Beta)

Mobile Apps (3rd party)

WhatAnime by Andrée Torres Source:

WhatAnime - 以图搜番 by Mystery0 (Simplified Chinese) Source:

Integrating search with

To add as a search option for your site, pass the image URL via query string like this

You can also specify playback options like this

Playback URL params:

param value default (not set in URL param) set with empty or other value
autoplay 0 or 1 1 1
mute 0 or 1 0 1
loop 0 or 1 0 1

The auto URL parameter is no longer used, it would always search automatically when there is ?url= param.

Note that the server cannot access private image URLs. In that case, users has to copy and paste (Ctrl+V/Cmd+V) the image directly, or save and upload the file.