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ylab.php (short for yealink address book) was taken directly from yl.php and modified.
The purpose of this file is to read all the extensions in the system and then output them in a
Yealink Remote Address Book formatted XML syntax.
header("Content-Type: text/xml");
// get the MySQL/MariaDB login information from the amportal configuration file.
define("AMP_CONF", "/etc/amportal.conf");
$file = file(AMP_CONF);
if (is_array($file)) {
foreach ($file as $line) {
if (preg_match("/^\s*([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)=([a-zA-Z0-9 .&-@=_!<>\"\']+)\s*$/",$line,$matches)) {
$amp_conf[ $matches[1] ] = $matches[2];
require_once('DB.php'); //PEAR must be installed
$db_user = $amp_conf["AMPDBUSER"];
$db_pass = $amp_conf["AMPDBPASS"];
$db_host = $amp_conf["AMPDBHOST"];
$db_name = $amp_conf["AMPDBNAME"];
$datasource = 'mysql://'.$db_user.':'.$db_pass.'@'.$db_host.'/'.$db_name;
$db = DB::connect($datasource); // attempt connection
// This pulls every extension in the systm. Including virtual mailboxes and is a recmmended defualt
$results = $db->$type("select id,description from devices;", null);
// You can restrict the output with standard SQL syntax
// This example only shows extensions prior to 200 and not virtual mailboxes
// $results = $db->$type("select id,description from devices where id < 200 and tech <> 'custom';", null);
// This example will pull all extensions form 1000 to 1999
// $results = $db->$type("select id,description from devices where id between 1000 and 1999;", null);
//dump the result into an array.
foreach($results as $result){
$extensions[] = array($result[0],$result[1]);
// output the XML header info
echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n";
// Output the XML root. This tag must be in the format XXXIPPhoneDirectory
// You may change the word Company below, but no other part of the root tag.
echo "<CompanyIPPhoneDirectory clearlight=\"true\">\n";
$index = 0;
if (isset($extensions)) {
// Loop through the results and output them correctly.
// Spacing is setup below in case you wish to look at the result in a browser.
foreach ($extensions as $key=>$extension) {
$index= $index + 1;
echo " <DirectoryEntry>\n";
echo " <Name>" . $extension[1] . "</Name>\n";
echo " <Telephone>" . $extension[0] . "</Telephone>\n";
echo " </DirectoryEntry>\n";
// Output the closing tag of the root. If you changed it above, make sure you change it here.
echo "</CompanyIPPhoneDirectory>\n";