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3D visualization of latest data regarding coronavirus cases with time travel.


πŸ›  Installing (Front-End)

  1. Install dependencies

    npm install
  2. Fire up the server and watch files

    npm run dev

πŸ›  Installing (Back-End)

  1. Go to backend folder

    cd backend
  2. Install dependencies

    npm install
  3. Fire up the server

    npm start

πŸš€ Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

πŸ›  Built with

πŸ“ License & copyright

Β© Robert C Soriano

Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

πŸ’• Acknowledgments

🚨 Forking this repo

I'll only accept fixes for now. New features will be ignored. I want to make the app as simple as possible. Thank you.

This site is fully open source, but as you all know, plagiarism is bad. I spent a non-negligible amount of effort developing this site and I'm proud of it! All I ask is to not claim this effort as your own.

So, feel free to fork this repo. If you do, please just give me proper credit by linking back to the repo,

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