Mirror of the free Cloud Zoom 1.0.x jQuery plugin, see Wiki for details
Latest commit 039e682 Sep 18, 2012 R Ceccor committed with Version 1.0.3
Now works with jQuery version 1.8.1. This version of jQuery appears to have issues with .find(':last'). Still works with older versions of jQuery too.

Fixed spurious http request bug that was causing problems on some servers, maybe killing the session. Cloud Zoom expects to find a blank.png image (supplied in download) in same path as .js file
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blank.png Version 1.0.3 Mar 21, 2013
cloud-zoom.1.0.3.js Version 1.0.3 Mar 21, 2013
cloud-zoom.1.0.3.min.js Version 1.0.3 Mar 21, 2013
cloud-zoom.css Version 1.0.0 Mar 21, 2013