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SOX Features

Below is a list of all the features that SOX comes with! Remember -- they are all optional! You can decide which ones you prefer to enable :)

Any features with corresponding Meta discussions have links to the Meta post.









  • Display linked posts inline by clicking on an arrow
    • Adds a button next to links to posts on the same site that expand to show the post inline
  • Add custom magic links to comments and posts
    • Allows you to create your own magic links ('[text]' auto-converts to a link of your choice). Links can use the placeholders $BASEURL, $METABASEURL, $QUESTIONID, and $ANSWERID which are auto-replaced with the respective data. You can set the reasons by clicking the 'Magic Links' button added to the 'Help' dropdown at the top-right of the page. See for more details.
  • Show when the post's author was last seen and whether they are registered
  • Remove your user ID from the 'share' link
    • When you click 'share' under a post, this displays a referral link, which incorporates your user ID. This option strips your user ID from the displayed link, preventing inadvertent privacy leaks when disseminating the link via copy-paste. The social-media sharing buttons are unaffected, since the lack of privacy is obvious.
  • Change 'share' link to format of [post-name](url)
    • When you click 'share' under a post, this will convert the URL given to a markdown-friendly version, with the post name as the link text. This feature also automatically copies the converted string to your clipboard
  • Add an option to filter bounties by their amount
  • Warn you when you are not logged in
  • Parse titles to links cross-SE-sites
    • Detects links to other questions on SE sites and converts them to their title
  • Add how many reviews are available on Meta to the main site review page
  • Add a button to code in posts to let you copy it
  • Add a progress bar showing how many reviews you have left in the day
  • Open any links to the specified sites in a new tab by default
    • You need to set the sites yourself by clicking the button next to this feature
  • Show question's current state in the suggested edit review queue
  • Replace the 'help' link with an 'on-topic' link in the site switcher dropdown
  • Hide on hold, closed, or duplicate questions or deleted answers
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