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Set of tools to work with LXC containers and host system.

Extracted from experimental scripts and currently under development.


  • Ubuntu 11.04 / 11.10 64-bit system
  • Superuser privileges (required in some scripts)
  • Ruby 1.8.7 / 1.9.x


To install all utilities, run:

git clone
cd lxc-tools
rake install

All files will be installed under /usr/local/bin on your system.


  • lxc-setup-network - Setup and configure bridge interface for containers
  • lxc-setup-container - Create and configure a new LXC container
  • lxc-setup-rootfs - Create and configure rootfs for containers


This utility will create a new network interface br0 for LXC containers. By default, this bridge interface will be configured on 192.168.1.x address space.


Usage: lxc-setup-network [options]
    -h, --help                       Display this information.
        --host INTERFACE             Host interface name
        --bridge INTERFACE           Bridge interface name
        --bridge-ip IP               Bridge interface IP address

Network configuration commands will be executed as sudo so make sure user has a proper privileges.


This utility will debootstrap a clean filesystem for LXC containers. Was only tested on 64bit ubuntu 11.04/11.10 systems. Usage:

Usage: lxc-setup-rootfs [options]
    -h, --help                       Display this information.
        --variant NAME               Bootstrap variant. Default: minbase
        --components LIST            System components
        --packages LIST              List of packages to install
        --release NAME               Release name
        --arch ARCH                  Release architechture
        --path PATH                  Extract path


This utility will create and configure a new LXC container. Basic usage:

Usage: lxc-setup-container [options]
    -h, --help                       Display this information.
    -n, --name NAME                  Container name
    -p, --path PATH                  Mount path
        --rootfs PATH                Path to clean rootfs
        --memory MEGABYTES           Memory limit in megabytes
        --net-ip IP                  Assign IP address
        --net-gateway IP             Container gateway IP
        --net-mask MASK              Container netmask

Before using container setup tool you must have a source rootfs, which will be used as a base for a new container. For more information check lxc-setup-rootfs utility.

It also requires a few ruby libraries before you can use it. Run:

gem instal terminal_helpers mustache

Execute as:

lxc-setup-container --name app1 --rootfs /path --path /lxc/app1


See LICENSE file for details