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Pastie - Simple API wrapper to communicate with website

Pastie gem is a simplified API to communicate with website. It is based on HTML processing since does not provide any API access. This gem comes as a library and executable file. All pastes are private by default. History tracking feature is available from version 0.2.0. Sharing feature is available from version 0.2.2.


gem install pastie-api

Usage: API

require 'rubygems'
require 'pastie-api'

# Create a new private paste
p = Pastie.create('Test string')

# Create a new public paste
p = Pastie.create('Hello!', false)

# View paste details
puts "Paste ID: #{}"
puts "Paste Key: #{p.key}"
puts "URL: #{}"
puts "Raw link: #{p.raw_link}"

# Find existing paste
p = Pastie.get(1234567) # find by paste's ID
p = Pastie.get('abcdefabcdef') # find by paste's private code

Usage: Terminal

Usage: pastie [options] file1 file2 ... fileN
  -i, --info                       Display this information.
  -p, --public                     Paste files as public.
  -s, --share EMAIL                Share pastes with email
  -h, --history                    Show pastes history.
  -c, --clear                      Clear your pastes history.

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