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Project for exploring how to bend Android's Listviews to my will
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This is an Android code project created in order to explore some of the
aspects of using a ListView/ListActivity to display items in a list,
possibly with header(s) and footer(s) and various possible events tied
to different parts of the layout. It will evolve as I find new things
to tinker with.

Some assumptions:
1. I want everything to work under Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and up. This
platform still holds significant (though diminishing) market share.
2. I'm trying to work with ListView and Android in general as much as
possible, not re-create everything with custom views or use
un-documented APIs.
3. I want this code to be useful for others to figure out how to use
ListView as I'm doing. It should be easy to read, understand, and

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