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Design Census 2016

Data visualization of AIGA's design census results.

How to run this

  • Run a localhost webserver, so you can run the website locally
    • On Mac:
      • Assuming this repo is in your user folder called Downloads
      • Open the application Terminal, type cd ~/Downloads/Design-Census/
      • Then type python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9000
      • Open a browser window and go to http://localhost:9000/, the site should display
    • On Windows:
      • Install a local webserver app like MAMP
      • Run MAMP and check what the default port is in its settings (example: 8080, 9000, etc)
      • Open a browser at localhost with whatever port is used by MAMP (example: http://localhost:8080/)

Notes on the code

  • The data (in the data/ folder):
    • PRODUCTION-questions_cleaned.json : file containing the questions from the census
    • PRODUCTION-us_cleaned.csv : file containing the answers in the US from the census
  • The code for the graph:
    • All the code is in index.html
    • The graph uses the Javascript library D3.js. It's a bit difficult to learn, but this might be a good place to start learning it!