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Contribution Guidelines

..  toctree::
    :caption: See Also

    Documentation Convention <convention>
    Sprinting PyCon US 2019 <pycon-us-2019>

Release cycle

  • Master branch commits are automatically packaged and published to PyPI.
  • Branches for staging versions follow the pattern: X_X_X
  • Make your pull requests to the staging branch with highest number
  • Latest documentation is compiled from branch docme. It should be up to date with latest staging branch, not the master. Make PRs with documentation change directly to docme.

Code formatting

Follow the PEP8 but both classes and functions are padded with 2 empty lines.


Building the docs

To build the docs locally, run: sphinx-build -ab html ./docs ./sosw-rtd

You can also use the built in python web server to view the html version directly from localhost in your preferred browser.

sphinx-build -ab html ./docs ./sosw-rtd; (cd sosw-rtd && python -m http.server)
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