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Orchestrator does the ... Orchestration.

You can use the class in your Lambda as is, just configure some settings using one of the supported ways in :ref:`Config <components-config>`

The following diagram represents the basic Task Workflow initiated by the Orchestrator.

Invocation Process

Workers Invocation Workflow

    'row_mapper':       {
        'task_id':             'S',
        'labourer_id':         'S',
        'greenfield':          'N',
        'attempts':            'N',
        'closed_at':           'N',
        'completed_at':        'N',
        'desired_launch_time': 'N',
        'arn':                 'S',
        'payload':             'S'
    'required_fields':  ['task_id', 'labourer_id', 'created_at', 'greenfield'],
    'table_name':       'sosw_tasks',
    'index_greenfield': 'sosw_tasks_greenfield',
    'field_names':      {
        'task_id':     'task_id',
        'labourer_id': 'labourer_id',
        'greenfield':  'greenfield',

    'dynamo_db_config':                  TASKS_TABLE_CONFIG,
    'sosw_closed_tasks_table':           'sosw_closed_tasks',
    'sosw_retry_tasks_table':            'sosw_retry_tasks',
    'sosw_retry_tasks_greenfield_index': 'labourer_id_greenfield',
    'ecology_config':             {},
    'labourers':                         {
        'some_function': {
            'arn':                          f"arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:737060422660:function:some_function",
            'max_simultaneous_invocations': 10,
            'health_metrics':               {
                'SomeDBCPU': {
                    'details':                     {
                        'Name':       'CPUUtilization',
                        'Namespace':  'AWS/RDS',
                        'Period':     60,
                        'Statistics': ['Average'],
                        'Dimensions': [
                                'Name':  'DBInstanceIdentifier',
                                'Value': 'YOUR-DB'

                    # These is the mapping of how the Labourer should "feel" about this metric.
                    # See EcologyManager.ECO_STATUSES.
                    # This is just a mapping ``ECO_STATUS: value`` using ``feeling_comparison_operator``.
                    'feelings':                    {
                        3: 50,
                        4: 25,
                    'feeling_comparison_operator': '<='

    'task_config': TASK_CLIENT_CONFIG,

Example CloudFormation template for Orchestrator

See also :ref:`Greenfield`

.. automodule:: sosw.orchestrator

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