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A selection of NIX driven base images for Continous Integration for absolute minimal container footprint
Nix Shell Dockerfile
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Max Security Minimal Footprint Base Containers

These images are lightweight by design with the following features:

  • Built in the Cloud for the Cloud
  • Rebuilt every 24 hours with the latest security patches
  • Crafted with NixPkgs Community
  • Extensible via DockerFile / OCI / Nix Build
  • Skarnet S6 Supervision Suite for safe Process Zero+ management
  • Optimal use of OCI Layers to maximise Caching & minimise update footprint


extending/example.* are available to understand how Nix could be used to extend these base images.

  • extending/ downloads a specified base image into the current directory
  • nix-build extending/example.nix creates the usual result linking to a tar.gz image


Repository is only updated in one of the following situations:

  • New language support
  • Critical functionality
  • Key dependency requires it i.e. S6

Images are rebuilt and published to DockerHub every 24 hours automatically.

Further Work (PR Welcome)

  • Easy Pinning of NixPkgs version that Base Images were built against for those using Nix to extend base images
  • musl support: already available in Nix Cross Compiling
  • Cache nix/store in CloudBuild
  • S6 Automatically execute & monitor Goss
  • Other Languages
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