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List of handpicked domains that serve ads, analytics scripts, tracking pixels, widgets, content enrichment, affiliate pages and fake webpages, used by our content filtering software
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Soteria nou's domain list

This repository contains lists of domains that very likely serve ads, analytics scripts, tracking pixels, widgets (webpage plugins), content enrichment (begging for mail subscription, sharing abilities), and represent affiliate or fake webpages. Usually lists get at least a monthly update.

Domains have been manually gathered by looking at dns requests, javascript and html code in the past 9 years and put into categories where they mostly belong. Note: Although some domains could fit into two or more categories they are listed in only one. Since domains are not automatically added, high quality (fewer false positives) could be guaranteed.

Please submit any additions, corrections or comments by using issue or pull request.


Each list or a concatenated list must be additionally adapted to be used as hosts file or by dnsmasq, bind or any other dns server software or web filtering solution.


You are free to copy and distribute any of these lists for non-commercial uses as long the original URL is included.

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