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alt text Jewel aims to be a very fast fully RubySpec compatible implementation of the Ruby Programming Language that will replace MRI. Jewel works by trans-interpreting ruby code into C code; this c code is then compiled and executed by a compatible C compiler (clang is used by default).

Jewel is currently under development and uses Scratch-RubySpec to run unit tests.

  1. Type inferencing for performance
  2. eval() with process space injection
  3. loupe gem for directly embedding C code in a ruby, exporting interfaces to C libraries
  4. Performance unit tests.

Jewel Ruby Interpreter - 21x MRI

A not so clever experimental ruby interpreter with very clever performance. (Don't take this too seriously).

#Try it

$ ./jwRuby tests/math.rb

#Benchmark results Here is a quick benchmark test on the interpreter:

$ ./benchmark

#Yes it's fast.