A Toastr.js port to Blazor.
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A Blazor port of Toastr.js in pure .Net. If there is any credit here it should go to the authors of the original library.

The sample project has been published here.

The transitions are implemented using System.Threading.Timer so this library should be used only by client side blazor (webassembly).


  • version 0.6.0

    • upgraded to blazor 0.6.0
  • version 0.6.0-preview1

    • upgraded to blazor 0.6.0-preview1-final
    • css cursor forced to pointer on toast's outer div in order to allow them to be tappable on safari (ios)
  • version 0.5.3

    • removed global.json files
    • the new RequireInteraction option disables the toast auto fade out
  • version 0.5.2

    • upgraded to blazor 0.5.1
  • version 0.5.1

    • upgraded to blazor 0.5.0
  • version 0.4.0

    • MaxDisplayedToasts is now an integer ranging from 0 to 100
    • The VisibleStepDuration option has been renamed to ProgressBarStepDuration


Install-Package Sotsera.Blazor.Toaster

Configure the dependency injection

services.AddToaster(config =>
    config.PositionClass = Defaults.Classes.Position.TopRight;
    config.PreventDuplicates = true;
    config.NewestOnTop = false;

and add the toast container to App.cshtml (or to another component always loaded in the application)

@addTagHelper *, Sotsera.Blazor.Toaster
<toastContainer />


In a component

@inject Sotsera.Blazor.Toaster.IToaster toaster

In a class

protected Sotsera.Blazor.Toaster.IToaster Toaster { get; set; }

then call one of the display methods:

toaster.Info("toast body text");
toaster.Success("toast body text");
toaster.Warning("toast body text");
toaster.Error("toast body text");

Each of these methods can accept a title and an action for the toast specific configuration

toaster.Info("toast body text");
toaster.Info("toast body text", "toast title");
toaster.Info("toast body text", "toast title", options =>
    options.Clicked += toast => Console.WriteLine($"Toast '{toast.Message}' Clicked!");


This is a simple attempt to port Toastr.js to Blazor.

Currently the css styles used are literally COPIED from Toastr.js.


Sotsera.Blazor.Toaster is licensed under MIT license