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presenting.vim is a vim plugin that turns your markup into presentable slides (in vim).

presentin.vim ascii demo

It is a clone of present.vim which is a clone of presen.vim. In contrast to its predecessors, presenting.vim:

  • has support for common markup languages,
  • can be extended, and
  • is documented

Great, hey?


Use pathogen or vundle to install presenting.vim.


Simply write your presentation in your favorite markup language. Every slide is separated by a markup language specific marker.

Filetype Slide Separator
markdown # heading
rst ~~~~
orgmode #----
GoLang slide * title

These can be overridden or extended by setting b:presenting_slide_separator for your preferred filetype in your .vimrc. For example, set the .rst slide separator to ~~~~ via:

au FileType rst let b:presenting_slide_separator = '\v(^|\n)\~{4,}'


When you want to start presenting, execute


Once presenting, slide navigation is accomplished via these keys:

Key Action
n next slide
p previous slide
q quit


For examples of presenting.vim presentations, see:

Of course you can configure the slide separators.


The code and issue tracker are on github. Pull requests are welcome!