Soufflé is a variant of Datalog for tool designers crafting analyses in Horn clauses. Soufflé synthesizes a native parallel C++ program from a logic specification.
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Soufflé is a translator of Horn clauses into parallel C++. Soufflé language has similarities to Datalog, and is used as a domain-specific language for analysis problems.

Features of Soufflé

  • Efficient translation to parallel C++ of Datalog programs
  • Extended semantics of Pure Datalog, e.g., permitting unbounded recursions with numbers
  • Simple component model for Datalog specifications
  • Recursively defined record types (aka. constructors) for tuples

How to get Soufflé

Use git to obtain the source code of Soufflé.

$ git clone git://

Build instructions can be found here.

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