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  • What is SOUL?

    You might want to read the project overview.

  • Who created SOUL?

    SOUL was created by Julian Storer at ROLI/JUCE in 2016, and announced publicly at ADC2018

  • What is the project status?

    SOUL is under active development, but is a long-term multi-year project that spans a huge range of target devices, tools and use-cases.

    The team is currently working on the core compiler and API technology, and working with partners to plan 3rd party support and hardware. We aim to release a public API to developers in Q4 2019. If you'd like to join our early adopter/beta-test program, please drop us a line.

    If you want'd like to try writing SOUL in your browser, please visit!

  • Where can I find more technical details?

    The project website is at
    This repository has various other guides in the docs folder.

  • Where can I give feedback, get help, or discuss the project?

    Until we set up a dedicated forum, the best public forum for discussing SOUL is probably the JUCE forum, where the team are available to answer questions.

  • What is the licensing/business model?

    Our intention is to make SOUL entirely free and unencumbered for developers to use. Any commercial licensing efforts will be targeted at vendors of compatible hardware or driver implementations.

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