Generates a custom WordPress plugin to help you post GravityForms data to a third-party website or URL
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GravityForms is a popular WordPress form plugin. Sometimes, people would like to POST the data they receive through their GravityForms to other websites. The easiest way to do this is with a custom WP plugin. This small command-line application generates that plugin for you.



(pip install x for x in dependencies)


Save to a location on your computer. In a terminal/shell, navigate to the directory containing the script and run it with python Enter the FQDN of the page containing the forms for which you’d like to create a plugin. Then, enter the FQDN of the page/endpoint where you want to POST your data.

The generated .php file will need some editing. The script tries to detect what names it should use to POST what values, but you’ll want to make sure they’re correct. For instance, maybe it thinks a field should be sent as “First Name” but you want it sent as “first_name” - just use your favorite text editor to edit those values. Some fields may have labels that look like “input_#_#” - these are fields for which no label could be auto-detected, like hidden input fields. You can change these label to something more descriptive. You may also want to remove some values, like “Confirm Email” fields.

When you are satisfied with the plugin, right click and zip/compress it then upload it to your site via the plugin upload interface.

Known Issues:

This works best with simpler forms, and has not been tested with many edge cases. File uploading, multi-page forms, form with heavy reliance on conditional logic and/or ajax, and forms which make use of the “Other” field on checkboxes and/or radio buttons all need further testing.