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Delay your assets

Delay your webpage assets and check the behaviour of your browser. Add the the delay time to the asset that you want to delay with the request parameter delay (in seconds), like this:

<a href="/css/mycss.min.css?delay=10" rel="stylesheet">



  • Loading three javascript files just before the end body tag.
  • Delaying javascripts requested synchronous in HEAD.
  • Delaying a ControlJs script.
  • Delaying a async script, loaded Google Analytics way.
  • Delaying a non-onload-blocking async JS.


  • Delay stylesheet loaded inside of head.
  • Delay print stylesheet loaded inside of head.
  • Delay a css image.


  • Font-face in a css file.
  • Font face inline.
  • Font-face after a script is loaded.


  • Delay an image.
  • Delay an lazy loaded image.

How to use

  1. Build:
    mvn clean package
  2. Start tomcat:
    java -jar target/dependency/webapp-runner.jar target/*.war
  3. Access with the browser you want to test: