Example maven setup for minifying js/css and changing references to the newly created minified files.
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Example project minifying js & css with Maven

This is a working pom.xml file using the maven-minify-plugin, gziping the result and replacing the current css/js links in configured files to the minified version.

This is what happens

  1. Creates one css file from existing css-files (you need to specify each CSS in the pom.xml, to be able to be sure the order is right)
  2. Creates one js file from existing js-files (you need to specify each JS in the pom.xml, to be able to be sure the order is right)
  3. Minifies them
  4. Give the minified js and css files unique names for each release (right now using time stamp)
  5. Creates gzipped versions

How to use it

mvn clean package

What you need to do

Configure your web server to pick the gz-versions of the files.

Structure of the project

The /src/-tree holds an example setup with two css & two js files that are concated & minified and example files that hold references/links to the actual js/css files.


The naming of the css/js file uses the current date/time, not so good if you releasing multiple times a day, needs to be changed!