A working example setting up Tomcat 7 on Heroku
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Example project for deploying Tomcat on Heroku

This is an example setup to run Tomcat on Heroku. Now it uses the webapp-runner from jsimone.

Running it local

mvn clean install

java -jar target/dependency/webapp-runner.jar target/*.war

Running within Eclipse



  1. Checkout this project
  2. Add it to Heroku heroku create --stack cedar
  3. Rename your project to whatever name you want, in this example we will use tomcat-tst heroku rename tomcat-tst
  4. Add the Heroku as a remote git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:tomcat-tst.git
  5. Push it: git push heroku master
  6. Access your application: http://tomcat-tst.herokuapp.com/


  • Adding servlet with right expire header
  • Add explanation of setup
  • Add gzip for java pages through servlet.xml