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Souliss is a networking framework for interconnected Things, smart homes and automated appliances. It includes a network layer that gives virtualization over the communication media, an event based protocol and datastructure and user interfaces based on Android and openHAB.

This repository contains the code that runs over Arduino AVR and ESP8266 and the examples to getting started.

Getting Started

If you are new to Souliss and Arduino, the getting started guide gives the basic to compile and run Souliss on your nodes.

Supported Hardware

You can run Souliss on consumer products or compatible boards, generally speaking any device based on the supported microcontrollers and transceivers can run Souliss.


Stable code is released periodically, details are available in the download page.

Support and Community

The main source for documentation is the Wiki, notify bugs in the issues and get in touch with the Community.

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