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Souliss Download

Here you can download directly the following parts of the Souliss project, if you need a getting started have a look here.

  • Souliss framework
  • SoulissApp for Android
  • Souliss binding for openHAB
  • NodoSouliss, automatic sketch generator

Souliss, networking framework

The framework that runs on AVRs is shared as code that you have to compile by yourself using the Arduino IDE or any other tool to compile and upload the code into your board.

Get the latest public release via Library Manager

The Arduino IDE has a Library Manager that you can use to download Arduino libraries, just search souliss and select the latest available release.

Standard Download

Install Souliss manually using the Add .ZIP Library option, you can download the latest release as zip archive from the following links.

You can download the library via Google Drive folder or via GitHub release.

Description Name Link
Stable release Souliss v7.2.1 Download
Latest code (may be unstable) Souliss friariello Download
Older release - Download

Please refer to the hardware supported board or ask on the Community for more details. Once downloaded, a starting point if you are a beginner is the first upload guide and the getting started guide.

SoulissApp for Android

The SoulissApp code is available as opensource and can be downloaded via the Git Repository. Follow the instructions in Build SoulissApp to compile the code in Android Studio.

You can download the binary and install them directly into your smartphone via Play Store or use an older release:

Description Name Link
Stable release SoulissApp (see PlayStore) Download from PlayStore
Older release Previous than actual Download Binaries

openHAB Binding for Souliss

The source code is available as opensource from the Git Repository

The binaries are distributed togheter with openHAB v.1.7 or greater or directly from our Google Drive folder.

Description Name Link
Stable release Bundled with openHAB Download
All other release Available as binaries Download Binaries
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