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The framework comes with a complete set of examples that cover most of the hardware and architectures solutions available with Souliss, those examples are intended as starting point for the users that want to build their own Souliss nodes.

Before start

In any case the first step is the setup of the IDE, the goal is be sure to have a working environment, the suggestion is use the easiest examples provided with the IDE before proceed with Souliss. The Getting started with Souliss is a helpful checklist for the first run.

How use the Souliss examples

Examples are ordered in ascendent order starting from easiest to get more complex solutions, the description at begin of the example describe the hardware that shall be used, you can use different hardware solution changing the configuration.

Generally details that are common between different examples are reported only in first examples (the easiest) and omitted in the others.


Those are available in the Arduino IDE under File -> Examples -> Souliss and cover most of the Souliss possibilities.

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