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All the activities behind Souliss are shared and you can get the source code according to GNU GPLv3 license, you can use Souliss without any fee even in commercial products, share back your modified code is requested as per license constrains. At your option you can request to re-license your code.

As any open-source project contribution are always appreciated and in some cases may be mandatory according to the license.

Get the Source Code

The code is shared through Git, a distributed version control system and you can get it from the following links.

Souliss for Arduino Souliss Git
SoulissApp for Android SoulissApp Git
Souliss binding for openHAB openHAB Binding Git
Souliss Wiki Wiki Git

If you want to get notification for changes to the source code subscribe the Git Tracking Mailing List

Download the Source Code

For people that are not familiar with Git a direct download is also available.

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