SoulissApp is an Android Application for Souliss Framework
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You can find it published on Play store; please note that the app itself is useless unless a souliss run-time is found on a local or remote network. Have a look at the documentation to get started with Souliss.

To work on the project, just clone it from Android Studio main menu, it should compile without issues as needed libraries are encapsulated or very common.

More informations are available on wiki page, feel free to contribute. If you find app errors, please just report them via android report and/or open a issue; if you believe the error is 'functional' or needs further dscussion use SoulissApp tracker to create a new issue.

SoulissApp works on every Android devices from API 11 (HONEYCOMB) on.


SoulissApp is available for download on the Play store

Get it on Google Play

How to build and contribute

The easiest way to contribute is using Android Studio. Once installed, Import new project from GitHub (New -> Project from Version control -> GitHub) using the following Git Repository URL

The project includes SoulissLib and other necessary modules. You may want to edit translation Files and commit them on separate branches. More info on how to use git and branching model is available on our wiki.

Used Libraries

Release Notes


New Dynamic Dashboard screen Nested Tags New Icon set


Bugfixes #122, #128, #118


RGB patterns T6n support


new chart lib new Tag lib used to show tag icons around the app Slovenian by marksev1


multiple souliss networks support Demo mode autocomplete some options


Bugfixes #84 Broadcast Receiver for Automate integration Tasker action&condition plugin


Added Android wear support fixed #75, #69, #1, #80, #78, #79 Visual enhancements, synch status


send commands with voice TAGs are now backed-up when saving DB Fixed bugs: #1, #2, #64, #65, #66 german translation (thanks to Niels) better tag images handling added fahreneit conversions


Bugfixes #17 Russian and polish (thanks Damian) translations Switches


Fixed bugs #6, #7, #9, #14, #19, #21 More powerful service life detection new functionality: warn me if typical turned on more than x Typical detail pane now shows favs/TAG infos


can edit programs can use scenes in widgets new TAG feature, create your tags and assign typicals to them can use massive commands in programs


Material first support Swipe to refresh


Fixes bugs #96 #98 Added Typicals T1A, T31 (finally)


Broadcast configuration to Souliss Online status icon Auto-configuration feature


portoguese and spanish translations


color-coded list items Massive commands support (send to all nodes) scenes bugfixes RGB Music sync


Network layer rewritten for performance and reliability


Play store requires me to advise you about the fact SoulissApp is requesting RECORD_AUDIO permission. Actually, nothing is being recorded, that permission is requested only when synching lights to music. Audio has to flow thru main channel, thus requiring that permission.

More in general, SoulissApp DOES NOT track, record or share ANY user information whatsoever. You can check it in the sources