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Browser Capabilities PHP Project

This is a userland replacement for PHP's native get_browser() function, which is officially supported by the Browser Capabilities Project.

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Run the command below to install via Composer

composer require browscap/browscap-php

Then you may identify the current user agent like so:

use phpbrowscap\Browscap;

$browscap = new Browscap();
$info = $browscap->getBrowser();

Recommended Setup

It is highly recommended that you disable the auto update functionality, and create a background cron script to perform the update. This way, you do not make another request every time. So your usual usage would look like this:

use phpbrowscap\Browscap;

$browscap = new Browscap($cacheDir);
$browscap->doAutoUpdate = false;
$info = $browscap->getBrowser();

And you could write a cron script such as this, to run once a day:

use phpbrowscap\Browscap;

$browscap = new Browscap($cacheDir);

Issues and feature requests

Please report your issues and ask for new features on the GitHub Issue Tracker at

Please report incorrectly identified User Agents and browser detect in the browscap.ini file here:

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