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Capistrano tasks for deploying the Symfony standard edition
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Symfony 2 (standard edition) specific tasks for Capistrano v3 (inspired by capifony)

It leverages the following capistrano tasks to deploy a Symfony app


# Gemfile
gem 'capistrano',  '~> 3.1'
gem 'capistrano-symfony', '~> 0.1', :github => 'capistrano/symfony'


Require capistrano-symfony in your cap file

# Capfile
require 'capistrano/symfony'


capistrano-symfony exposes the following settings (displayed with defaults):

# Symfony environment
set :symfony_env,  "prod"

# Symfony application path
set :app_path,              "app"

# Symfony web path
set :web_path,              "web"

# Symfony log path
set :log_path,              fetch(:app_path) + "/logs"

# Symfony cache path
set :cache_path,            fetch(:app_path) + "/cache"

# Symfony config file path
set :app_config_path,       fetch(:app_path) + "/config"

# Controllers to clear
set :controllers_to_clear, ["app_*.php"]

# Files that need to remain the same between deploys
set :linked_files,          []

# Dirs that need to remain the same between deploys (shared dirs)
set :linked_dirs,           [fetch(:log_path), fetch(:web_path) + "/uploads"]

# Dirs that need to be writable by the HTTP Server (i.e. cache, log dirs)
set :file_permissions_paths,         [fetch(:log_path), fetch(:cache_path)]

# Name used by the Web Server (i.e. www-data for Apache)
set :file_permissions_users, ['www-data']

# Name used by the Web Server (i.e. www-data for Apache)
set :webserver_user,        "www-data"

# Method used to set permissions (:chmod, :acl, or :chgrp)
set :permission_method,     false

# Execute set permissions
set :use_set_permissions,   false

# Symfony console path
set :symfony_console_path, fetch(:app_path) + "/console"

# Symfony console flags
set :symfony_console_flags, "--no-debug"

# Assets install path
set :assets_install_path,   fetch(:web_path)

# Assets install flags
set :assets_install_flags,  '--symlink'

# Assetic dump flags
set :assetic_dump_flags,  ''

fetch(:default_env).merge!(symfony_env: fetch(:symfony_env))


capistrano-symfony hooks into the flow offered by capistrano. It adds to that flow like so

  • symfony:create_cache_dir
  • symfony:set_permissions
  • symfony:cache:warmup
  • symfony:clear_controllers
|__ deploy:starting
|   |__ [before]
|   |   |__ deploy:ensure_stage
|   |   |__ deploy:set_shared_assets
|   |__ deploy:check
|__ deploy:started
|__ deploy:updating
|   |__ git:create_release
|   |__ deploy:symlink:shared
|   |__ symfony:create_cache_dir
|   |__ symfony:set_permissions
|__ deploy:updated
|   |__ symfony:cache:warmup
|   |__ symfony:clear_controllers
|__ deploy:publishing
|   |__ deploy:symlink:release
|   |__ deploy:restart
|__ deploy:published
|__ deploy:finishing
|   |__ deploy:cleanup
|__ deploy:finished
    |__ deploy:log_revision

Integrated common tasks

The folowing common tasks are already integrated:

  • symfony:assets:install
  • symfony:assetic:dump

So you can use them with hooks like this:

  after 'deploy:updated',   'symfony:assets:install'
  after 'deploy:updated',   'symfony:assetic:dump'

Using the Symfony console

A task wrapping the symfony console is provided, making it easy to create tasks that call console methods.

For example if you have installed the DoctrineMigrationsBundle in your project you may want to run migrations during a deploy.

namespace :deploy do
  task :migrate do
    invoke 'symfony:console', 'doctrine:migrations:migrate', '--no-interaction'

You can also apply role filter on your commands by passing a fourth parameter.

namespace :deploy do
  task :migrate do
    invoke 'symfony:console', 'doctrine:migrations:migrate', '--no-interaction', 'db'


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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