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Gravity Forms 1.9+ introduces the "Save and Continue" functionality. This plugin is not compatible with the "Save and Continue" feature turned on. You can still use "Save and Continue" for some forms and "Saved forms" for others.
What's the advantage of this plugin over "Save and Continue" you ask? The biggest advantage is that it does not require the user to click a special link to restore the data, it's intelligent enough to quietly restore the form when a logged in user is visiting it.
Gravity Forms 1.8 support will no longer be maintained.
A Gravity Forms Addon for WordPress that lets logged-in users save forms for later. Useful for long forms, etc.
Upload folder to wp-content/plugins/ visit Dashboard/Plugins/ and activate.
Forms have to have the "Stateful Form" checkbox enabled in Form Settings, rest is straightforward.
Patches welcome; fork and issue pull requests. Donation page
Code comes with absolutely no guarantees or support, maintenance is not foreseen.