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Project Carrot Anim Extractor

An utility program to unpack resources from an Anims.j2a file of a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 installation. It is primarily targeted as a tool for obtaining a set of assets for Project Carrot, but can also be used for more general purposes.

You can download prebuilt Windows binaries over at the Project Carrot homepage.

Version compatibility:

  • Pre-release versions (1.00g, 1.00h, 1.10o, etc.): UNSUPPORTED. 1.00g tested; animation mappings could be extracted, but their mappings are somewhat different, while sound samples are in a currently unsupported format, effectively blocking the process for now.
  • Retail 1.20 (European) - SUPPORTED
  • Retail 1.20 (American) - SUPPORTED?: Based on HH98, the intro differences (Gathering of Developers logo instead of Project Two Interactive) do not affect the contents of the animation library in the end. This has not been tested, though; help from someone with access to an U.S. copy of the game would be appreciated.
  • Patched retail 1.23 (European) - SUPPORTED
  • Patched retail 1.23 (American) - SUPPORTED?: Same as 1.20.
  • Retail 1.23x (Holiday Hare '98): SUPPORTED
  • Retail 1.24 (The Secret Files) - SUPPORTED
  • Retail 1.24x (Christmas Chronicles) - SUPPORTED

Compatibility may be improved at a later date.


pcae path\to\Anims.j2a

PCAE will extract the animations and sound effects from the Anims.j2a file to a new folder Assets into several subdirectories based on a predefined mapping. Files are overwritten if they already exist. Subfiles with no matching mapping are saved to the asset folder root.


Compiling requires Qt 5.x and SFML 2.x.


To build with Visual Studio 2015, configure the Qt settings with the MSVS Qt 5 plugin first.

MSVS is not strictly required for building, but you're on your own if you prefer using some other compiler for building on Windows.


First set up the environment as instructed in the repository for Project Carrot, clone this project to a folder, navigate to it, and:

qmake -spec linux-clang
make release

This will build the executable to Release/PCAnimExtractor.


Follow the Linux instructions, but use macx-clang as the spec instead.


This software is licensed under the MIT License.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and all related assets are intellectual property of Epic Games. By using this software, you are fully taking all responsibility from the extraction process.


This software could not exist without the groundwork laid by the users of the Jazz2Online forums in the past years. Many of the details of the Anims.j2a file were obtained from the format research thread.


Project Carrot Anim Extractor




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