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CSS 3D Dropdown Concept
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An experimental CSS 3D dropdown concept, wrapped up in a jQuery plugin.

Check out the demo (you'll need a CSS 3D capable browser, such as Chrome.)

A current list of supported browsers can be found here.

Example usage

Use it like any regular jQuery plugin:

$( '.list' ).makisu({
    selector: 'li',
    overlap: 0.2,
    speed: 0.8

The options available are:

  • selector Children matching this selector will be folded into the Makisu
  • speed The animation duration (in seconds) for each folding item
  • overlap Fraction of speed by which folding items overlap (0 to 1)
  • shading Default shading colour (null for no shading)
  • perspective Perspective to apply to 3D transformed objects


Once an element has been extended as in the example above, you can open, close and toggle it.

$( '.list' ).makisu( 'open' );


The name comes from the object that inspired it.

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