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2016.01.18 Version 0.4.0
* Now using ConfigurableFirmata instead of Firmata.
* Updated breakout-server and moved to its own repo:
* Add support for Firmata Serial feature (see src/core/Serial.js)
see examples in Breakout/examples/serial/
* Add INPUT_PULLUP pin mode
* Add support for SET_DIGITAL_PIN_MODE
* Tons of code formatting updates
2014.08.13 Version 0.3.2
* Update to latest version of AdvancedFirmata
2014.03.09 Version 0.3.1
* Added new DRIVER_HIGH_CURRENT interface to Stepper.js
* Updated AdvancedFirmata to support high current stepper driver
* Added echo_string.html example to custom_examples
* Updated examples to use jQuery 2.1.0.
* Removed blink_led.html from getting started examples.
* Added fastclick library to a few getting started examples.
* Added analogReadResolution and analogWriteResolution (PWM) properties to Pin.js.
This removes hard coding of 255 pwm resolution and 1023 analog read resolution.
* Reduced files in Breakout-core build (see coreFiles in Gruntfile.js)
* Removed GeneratorEvent dependency from Pin object
* Updated getters and setters to use Object.defineProperties
* Update Breakout Server to add auto connect ability
2013.07.27 Version 0.3.0
* Updated all examples to include client library.
* Added BiColorLED and updated bi_color_led.html example contributed by fabaff
* Updated jquery and jquery-ui and removed version number from file names and
references in examples.
* Switched to YUI docs.
* Now using grunt for build.
* Added pin modes for ONEWIRE and STEPPER.
* Added ability to set pin mode without sending set pin mode command to Firmata.
* Updated stepper.js to not send set pin mode command to Firmata.
2013.05.12 Version 0.2.3
* Changed temperature.html example to use TMP36 sensor instead of LM335 sensor.
* Created new repo for BreakoutServer source and removed BreakoutServer source
from Breakout/server/
* Reduced startup delay by 300ms.
* Updated Breakout Server to send entire serial buffer instead of byte by byte.
* Added defaut path for node_server.
* Updated node_server for better performance.
* Updated IOBoard to handle incoming array of data in addition to individual
2013.03.18 Version 0.2.2
* Fixed bug in Breakout Server that was preventing selection of serial port
other than top port in dropdown list.
2013.02.18 Version 0.2.1
* Applications using custom firmware should now listen for the IOBoard.READY
event rather than the IOBoard.CONNECTED event. Custom firmware can now
also handle a Firmata SYSTEM_RESET callback. See Breakout/custome_examples/.
* System reset is now called before capability query when starting in single
client mode.
* Removed string_test.html from custom_examples and added simple_json.html
example and corresponding skecth (see customm_examples/sketches/.
* Fixed bug that was setting optional i2c delay time incorrectly.
* Added ability to open examples directly in browser (closes issue #28)
* Added removeFilter method to Pin (closes issue #15)
* Updated firmware.html example to use updated getPinCapabilities method.
* Updated IOBoard.reportCapabilities to print in easier to read format.
* Changed IOBoard.getPinCapabilities to store pin modes as objects rather than arrays.
* Auto run tests in build process.
* Added unit tests for IOBoard, Pin and I2CBase (see test/core/).
* Added getAnalogPinCount() to IOBoard to return the number of analog pins
supported by the IOBoard.
* Updated processQueryFirmwareResult to set the firmware name string correctly.
* Added missing constructor definition to prototype.
* Refactored IOBoard to move all methods to prototype.
* Added state property to Pin object to get state from pinStateQuery response.
* Fixed bug in pin state response that was preventing querying multiple pins.
2012.11.24 Version 0.2.0
* Updated Breakout Server to v0.2.0
* Restructured server directory
* Default webserver root is now ../../
* Added Breakout Server eclipse archive to server directory
* Created separate 32 bit and 64 bit Breakout Server builds for Windows (issue #9)
* Added getPins method ot IOBoard to return array of all Pin objects
* Made queryPinState a public method (issue #25)
* Using AdvancedFirmata instead of StandardFirmata
* Added stepper motor I/O object and examples (issue #24)
* Updated schematics to add stepper motor examples
* Updated examples index to include stepper examples
* Fixed convolution filter bug (issue #31)
* Updated processing_js examples to use processing.js version 1.4.1
* Updated three_js examples to use three.js revision 52
2012.09.15 Version 0.1.7
* jsdocs are now generated as part of build process
* Added index page for examples: /examples/index.html (initial idea by Fabian Affolter)
* Added additional getting_started examples (contributed by Fabian Affolter)
* Included SignalScope.js in the core library under src/utils/
* Added getFirmwareName() and getPinCapabilities() methods to IOBoard.js
(contributed by Fabian Affolter)
* Added command line arguments to nodeJS server (contributed by Fabian Affolter)
* Removed useSocketIO parameter from IOBoard and WSocketWrapper. If you include, it is now assumed you are using the nodeJS server.
* Changed default port for nodeJS server from 8080 to 8887
* Updated nodeJS server to use express framework
* Enabled touch events for jQuery UI elements
2012.07.18 Version 0.1.6
* Added examples demonstrating use of DeviceMotion and DeviceOrientation APIs
with Breakout
* Added fritzing files to Breakout/examples/schematics_src/fritzing/
* Updated examples to be more mobile friendly
* Added simple_led and analog_input examples (contributed by Fabian Affolter)
* Updated schematics.pdf to include analog_input example
* Fixed issued in processingJS accelerometer example
2012.06.30 Version 0.1.5
* Added example for Arduino Leonardo board
* Added Leonardo wiring diagram to schematics.pdf
* Added build script to minify files
2012.04.14 Version 0.1.4
* Fixed LED and RGBLED fadeTo issue (issue #8)
* Fixed Pin / Button bug that was causing pins on same port to trigger false
events (issue #14)
* Added DISCONNECTED event to IOBoardEvent that is fired when the server is
disconnected (issue #12)
2012.03.31 Version 0.1.3
* Min, max and average pin values are now calculated after any filters are
applied (issue #11).
* Common Anode RGB LEDs now work properly (issue #8)
* Changed R, G, and B pins in rgb_led example to match pins in the schematics.pdf
document (issue #10).
* Fixed dcmotor example (issue #9)
* Fixed LED toggle (issue #7)
* Created new hello_world example to better demonstrate basic input and output.
* Added a template example that can be used as a starting point for new projects.
* Added basic processing_js example and templates for starting new 2d and 3d
processing_js projects with Breakout.
* Added examples of flex, FSR (pressure), IR proximity, temperature and sonar sensors.
* Updated schematics to add new sensor examples and dcmotor with external power supply.
2012.03.20 Version 0.1.2
* Updated for Firefox 11 compatibility
* Updated readme
2012.03.12 Version 0.1.1
* Fixed jQuery library mismatch for custom_examples (issue #2)
* Fixed serial port selection issue in Breakout Server (issue #3)
* Fixed ability to use scaler equations in Scaler.js (issue #4)
* Updated actuator, filter and generator examples to use in-browser controls
* Added signal viewer (SignalScope.js) to filter and generator examples
* Updated documentation
* Updated schematics
* Updated readme
2012.02.20 Version 0.1.0
* First public beta
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