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roundSlider - A free jQuery plugin

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What's this ?

Round slider (also can call as Circular slider, Radial slider) is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to select a value or range of values.

Not only a round slider, it supports the quarter, half and pie circle shapes also.

roundSlider - full slider, pie slider, half slider and quarter slider types

You can check the demos of various circle shapes here.

Different Theming and Appearances ?

By customizing the CSS styles we can make different appearances.

roundSlider - different theming and appearances

You can check the detailed demos here.

Browser Support

IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera (including Mobile devices).


The roundSlider has several properties and events to interact with the control programmatically.

To know more about the Options, please check the documentation.

	min: 0,
	max: 100,
	step: 1,
	value: null,
	radius: 85,
	width: 16,
	handleSize: "+0",
	startAngle: 0,
	endAngle: "+360",
	animation: true,
	showTooltip: true,
	editableTooltip: true,
	readOnly: false,
	disabled: false,
	keyboardAction: true,
	mouseScrollAction: false,
	sliderType: "default",
	circleShape: "full",
	handleShape: "round",
	lineCap: "butt",

	// the 'startValue' property decides at which point the slider should start.
	// otherwise, by default the slider starts with min value. this is mainly used
	// for min-range slider, where you can customize the min-range start position.
	startValue: null,

	// SVG related properties
	svgMode: false,
	borderWidth: 1,
	borderColor: null,
	pathColor: null,
	rangeColor: null,
	tooltipColor: null,

	// events
	beforeCreate: null,
	create: null,
	start: null,
	// 'beforeValueChange' will be triggered before 'valueChange', and it can be cancellable
	beforeValueChange: null,
	drag: null,
	change: null,
	// 'update' event is the combination of 'drag' and 'change'
	update: null,
	// 'valueChange' event is similar to 'update' event, in addition it will trigger
	// even the value was changed through programmatically also.
	valueChange: null,
	stop: null,
	tooltipFormat: null

Some quick links

Test environment

roundSlider - test environment


roundSlider is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.