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An open source project to keep track of cryptocurrency finances, based on an internal prototype.

Requires PHP 5.4+ and uses a number of awesome child components:


List of features that are also running at

  • Easy-to-use web interface based in PHP
  • Create free accounts through OpenID or passwords
  • Support for multiple currencies
    • Cryptocurrencies ({$crypto_currencies_inline})
    • Fiat currencies ({$fiat_currencies_inline})
    • Commodity currencies ({$commodity_currencies_inline})
  • Support for exchange wallets {$exchange_wallets_list}
  • Support for currency exchanges {$exchange_list}
    • Market averages
  • Support for mining pools and miner hashrates {$mining_pools_list}
  • Support for securities exchanges {$securities_list}
  • User-defined reports page with configurable graphs and level of detail
  • User-defined notifications on exchanges, balances and hashrates
  • Plenty of helpful tools
    • Historical data for exchanges
    • External API status page
    • Cryptocurrency calculator widget, e.g.:
    • Comprehensive administrator interface
  • Premium accounts to support site hosting and access more frequently updated data and advanced reports

More information:


If you want to have an openclerk base (like CryptFolio), you can place your changes into a new config/ directory, and the build script (and eventually config scripts and template scripts) will include these files as necessary. Files supported:

config/site/css/*.scss -> site/styles/*.css
config/site/img/config/* -> site/img/config/*
config/site/img/favicon.ico -> site/favicon.ico
config/templates/*.php -> site/templates/*.php