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We're taking a fresh new iOS Project as an example. Integration into an existing project and/or a Desktop project should be similar.
+## CocoaPods
+[CocoaPods]( is a dependency manager for Xcode projects.
+If you are already using `CocoaPods` you can include all necessary libraries by adding following lines to your `Podfile`:
+pod 'CocoaSoundCloudAPI', '1.0.1'
+pod 'CocoaSoundCloudUI', '1.0.5'
+and run `pod install`.
+Please note, that these `Pods` already include following `dependencies`:
+* `OHAttributedLabel`
+* `JSONKit`
+* `NXOAuth2Client`
+Now you are good to go and can skip to the `Usage` section!
### In the Terminal
1. Go to your project directory.

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