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A Cocoa wrapper for SoundCloud that works on iPhone/iPod Touch and Mac OS X
Objective-C C
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The SoundCloud API Wrapper for Cocoa

Supported Versions

The SoundCloud API Wrapper supports iOS from Version 3.0 and MacOS X from Leopard (10.5). It uses SoundClouds OAuth2 API and henceforth includes the NXOAuth2Client project.

Getting Started

  • If you want to add sound sharing to your iOS app, start by taking a look at the iOS Sharing Kit.

For more customized integrations, use the full API wrapper:

Additional Documentation and Support

Important Note

Please keep in mind that all of this is under heavy development, and things might change from time to time. Please update your frameworks often, and keep this space in mind.

We document the changes to the different versions. If you've used a previous version, please read it.

But most important: Have fun building great apps!

Your friends at SoundCloud.