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Latest commit 75b1093 @sj26 sj26 Truncate long trigger names
We are seeing:

    ==  SomeHorriblyLongMigrationInvolvingTablesWithNamesFarTooLongForHumanBeingsToConsiderReasonable: migrating
    I, [2015-07-15T12:07:08.972714 #47706]  INFO -- : Starting LHM run on table=lhmn_tables_with_names_far_too_long_for_human_beings_to_consider
    I, [2015-07-15T12:07:08.972868 #47706]  INFO -- : Starting run of class=Lhm::Migrator
    I, [2015-07-15T12:07:09.012700 #47706]  INFO -- : Starting run of class=Lhm::Entangler
    E, [2015-07-15T12:07:09.015775 #47706] ERROR -- : Error in class=Lhm::Entangler, reverting. exception=ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid message=Mysql2::Error: Identifier name 'lhmt_del_tables_with_names_far_too_long_for_human_beings_to_consider_reasonable' is too long: create trigger `lhmt_del_tables_with_names_far_too_long_for_human_beings_to_consider_reasonable`

It looks like this has already been faced in the migrator:

    def archive_name
      "lhma_#{ startstamp }_#{ }"[0...64]

So let's truncate here as well.
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lhm Truncate long trigger names
lhm.rb Remove adapter method
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