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A Python wrapper for the SoundCloud API that works with Django and Google App Engine
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Adding v1 and linked partitioning support.

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Running tests

The **SCAPI** comes with a small testsuite. It can be run automatically through either setuptools_ 
or nose_.

Configuring tests

Before you can run the tests, you need to configure them. You do this using the `test.ini` file in the
root of python **SCAPI** workingcopy.

Running tests through setuptools

You can run the whole testsuite through setuptools_ by doing ::

  host:~/SoundCloudAPI deets$ python test

Running tests through nose

If you want a more fine-grained control over which tests to run, you can use the `nosetests`-commandline tool.

Then to run individual tests, you can e.g. do::

  host:~/SoundCloudAPI deets$ nosetests -s scapi.tests.scapi_tests:SCAPITests.test_setting_permissions

See the nose_-website for more options.

.. _nose:
.. _setuptools:
.. _ConfigObj:

Creating the API-docs

   epydoc -v --name="SoundCloud API" --html -o docs/api scapi --exclude="os|mimetypes|urllib2|exceptions|mimetools"

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