How to Deploy

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You must have the following things installed before you can proceed.

Local Development

First thing we'll want to do is make the app work on our local machine, so we can adjust the aesthetic locally.

Clone the app to your local machine with

 git clone

Run the following commands:

 bundle install
 rake db:setup
 rails s

Then adjust the aesthetic as needed. Images can be found in /app/assets/images and the theme related stylesheet is located at /app/assets/stylesheets/theme.css.scss. Note: The text will be adjusted via an admin once your app is deployed.

Deploying to Heroku

Once you're satisfied with your app adjustments, we can get it deployed to Heroku via Git.

Register a new SoundCloud application for your Competition here. Note: We'll need to revisit this page once the app is properly deployed to add our app callback url.

Add the newly created app key and secret to /config/settings/production.local.yml.

Create a new app on Heroku

 heroku create app_name --stack cedar

Commit all the adjustments and then push them to your newly created Heroku app

 git add .
 git commit -m "first heroku push"
 git push heroku master

Then setup your database and turn on caching

 heroku run rake db:setup
 heroku addons:add memcache

Open your app

 heroku open

Head back to your SoundCloud apps and click edit next to your app. Using the url of your newly created Heroku app, add the following callback url to your SoundCloud app:

Finally, claim the Competition admin by visiting You can adjust all of the Competition text from here.