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%meta(content="Waveform.js" property="og:site_name")
%meta(content="" property="og:url")
%meta(content="121401014666351" property="fb:app_id")
client_id: "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
%h4 <a href="#top">Waveform.js <em>(1.0.0)</em></a>
%h4 <a href="#top">Waveform.js <em>(1.0.1)</em></a>
%li <a href="" target="_blank">Github Repository</a>
%h4 <a href="#top">Introduction</a>
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%p Waveform.js makes drawing <a href="">SoundCloud</a> waveforms simple and lets you <strong>style</strong> and <strong>color</strong> them the way you want it. It comes as a small JavaScript <strong>library</strong> and is using a <em>lightweight service</em> hosted on <a href=""></a> that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into <strong>floating points</strong>.
%em "Damn Good Waveforms" (Eric Wahlforss, CTO of SoundCloud, 2nd of July 2013)
%p The project is open source and <a href="">hosted on Github</a>. This page provides all the documentation you'll need as well as a list of <a href="#examples">examples</a>. Waveform.js is available to use under the <a href="#">MIT software license</a>. It was written by <a href="">Johannes Wagener</a> and <a href="">Lee Martin</a>. You can report <strong>bugs</strong> and discuss <strong>features</strong> on the <a href="">Github issues page</a>.
%a.button(href="/waveform.js") Download Latest Version (1.0.0)
%a.button(href="/waveform.js") Download Latest Version (1.0.1)
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