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##What is SoundHub?

SoundHub is a platform where music lovers can create, share and contribute to open source music.


The intersection of music and technology brings to mind streaming services, recording software, or T-Pain’s autotuned vocals. Could tech do more for music? One thing comes to mind - open source software. What if any musician could collaborate with others across the globe? What if the community could help cultivate that collective creativity? Our mission is to make a platform to support open source music, and we have chosen a name with a tip of our hats to the best platform for open source software. We are SoundHub.

###How it works

SoundHub aims to be accessible by being as simple as possible. People can listen to user submissions and vote on them. They can share a new song or musical idea. An existing submission can be "branched,” modified, and resubmitted. The 'tree' view of any song shows how it started, how many people have contributed to it, and the different ways it has grown and changed.

###Tech Stack

ECMAScript 6, React, Flux, D3.js, Node.js, Express, Gulp, Babel, MariaDB, AWS S3

###Getting Started

In your command line, type:

$ npm install
$ gulp

then point your browser to localhost:3000 to see the app!