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A fork of MetaMask focused on helping the SOV users

SoundMoneyCoin (SOV) Wallet Browser Extension

Note: source code available on


How to add on Chrome

  • Open Settings > Extensions.
  • Check "Developer mode".
  • Alternatively, use the URL chrome://extensions/ in your address bar
  • At the top, click Load Unpacked Extension.
  • Navigate to your metamask-plugin/dist/chrome folder.
  • Click Select.
  • Change to your locale via chrome://settings/languages
  • Restart the browser and test the plugin in your locale
  • You now have the plugin, and can click 'inspect views: background plugin' to view its dev console.

How to add on Firefox

  • Go to the url about:debugging.
  • Click the button Load Temporary Add-On.
  • Select the file dist/firefox/manifest.json.
  • You can optionally enable debugging, and click Debug, for a console window that logs all of Metamask's processes to a single console.
  • If you have problems debugging, try connecting to the IRC channel #webextensions on
  • For longer questions, use the StackOverfow tag firefox-addons.
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