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Opensoup – What, why and how

This aims to rewrite the old, buggy, slow and unmaintained codebase.


The current is implemented as a Ruby on Rails app. Unfortunately though it uses an quite old version of Ruby on Rails that has proven itself to be slow and unstable. Porting it to the current version of Ruby on Rails would equal to rewriting the whole thing, so that's what we're doing here (Although not with RoR anymore).


Basically, the first goal is to build something that looks and feels as close to the current as possible, altough some not so commonly used features (TV?) should maybe be left out for the sake of simplification.


Current communication is via the IRC channel #soupdev on Maybe someone™ will some day set up a mailinglist.

Technical foo

From a technical standpoint, this is a Django project that uses South for schema migrations.

Testing locally

Run the following commands to get opensoup running locally for the first time:

# Install python dependencies
pip2 install -r requirements.txt

# Populate system tables
python2 syncdb

# Run migrations
python2 migrate

# Collect staticfiles
python2 collectstatic

# Run the server
python2 runserver