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{- | The entry point to the application.
It will configure the app by parsing the command line arguments
and will execute the app according to a command which can be:
- http
- https
- both
- add-admin
- rem-admin
- del-user
more information about those in the Web.Gathering.Config file which
is responsible about parsing arguments and configuration
{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TypeOperators #-}
module Web.Gathering.Run where
import Web.Gathering.Types
import Web.Gathering.Config
import Web.Gathering.Database
import Web.Gathering.Router
import Web.Gathering.Workers.SendEmails
import Web.Gathering.Workers.Cleaner
import Web.Gathering.Workers.Logger
import qualified Web.Gathering.Workers.Logger as L
import System.Exit
import Control.Exception
import Data.Text (pack, unpack, Text)
import Control.Monad (void)
import Control.Concurrent (forkIO)
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp (setPort, defaultSettings)
import Network.Wai.Handler.WarpTLS (runTLS, tlsSettings, tlsSettingsChain)
import Data.ByteString (ByteString)
import Hasql.Connection (Connection, acquire, release)
import qualified Hasql.Session as Sql (run)
import Web.Spock
import Web.Spock.Config
-- | This is the entry point of the application
run :: IO ()
run = do
-- get configuration
(conf, cmd) <- parseArgs
let connstr = cfgDbConnStr conf
-- Run a command or get the serve mode
(mode, sendMailsNow) <- case cmd of
Serve m sendMailsNow ->
pure (m, sendMailsNow)
Cmd c -> do
runCmd connstr c
-- run logger
(AppState conf mode -> state) <- runDefaultLogger
-- Log configuration
L.put (appLogger state) (pack $ show (conf, cmd))
-- Run background workers
void $ forkIO $ newEventsWorker sendMailsNow state
void $ forkIO $ eventRemindersWorker sendMailsNow state
void $ forkIO $ cleanerWorker state
-- Run the spock app
spockCfg <- (\cfg -> cfg { spc_csrfProtection = True })
<$> defaultSpockCfg EmptySession (PCConn $ hasqlPool connstr) state
case appMode state of
HTTP port ->
runSpock port (spock spockCfg appRouter)
HTTPS tls -> do
runHttps spockCfg tls
Both port tls -> do
void $ forkIO $ runSpock port (spock spockCfg appRouter)
runHttps spockCfg tls
-- | Run the spock app with HTTPS
runHttps :: SpockCfg Connection MySession AppState -> TLSConfig -> IO ()
runHttps spockCfg tls = do
spockApp <- spockAsApp (spock spockCfg appRouter)
(setPort (tlsPort tls) defaultSettings)
settings = case tlsChain tls of
Nothing ->
tlsSettings (tlsCert tls) (tlsKey tls)
Just ch ->
tlsSettingsChain (tlsCert tls) [ch] (tlsKey tls)
-- | Run other commands
runCmd :: ByteString -> Cmd -> IO ()
runCmd connStr cmd = do
mConn <- acquire connStr
case mConn of
Right conn -> do
go = flip conn . runWriteTransaction $
case cmd of
AddAdmin u -> do
changeAdminForUser True u
RemAdmin u ->
changeAdminForUser False u
DelUser u ->
deleteUser u
result <- go `catch` \(e :: SomeException) -> release conn *> die (show e)
report result
Left ex -> do
die ("Command Error: " ++ show ex)
-- | Report a commands result
report :: Show e => Either e (Either Text ()) -> IO ()
report = \case
Right (Right ()) ->
putStrLn "Done."
Right (Left ex) ->
die (unpack ex)
Left ex ->
die (show ex)
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