A minimal emacs configuration for haskell programming
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A minimal emacs configuration for haskell programming using dante and friends.

  • Coming from Vim? Try the evil branch which includes vim key bindings

See it in action

Visit dante's README.org to see the features list for Haskell editing.

Package management approach is based on this tutorial.

To get a haskell compiler, I recommend downloading Stack and running stack setup to install GHC.

To install this configuration, clone the repository and place the following files at your home directory:

  • .emacs - emacs will call this file first which will trigger the whole thing. Also contains a few convenient tweaks.
  • .emacs.d/my-packages.el - contains the list of packages to install when starting emacs
  • .emacs.d/my-loadpackages.el - defines how to enable and setup the packages we use

WARNING: Backup your changes to all your emacs related files before running the following commands as they will override your files!

So the steps are:

git clone https://github.com/soupi/minimal-haskell-emacs
cp minimal-haskell-emacs/.emacs  ~/
cp -r minimal-haskell-emacs/.emacs.d ~/

Now just run Emacs and start hacking!

Note: dante has recently changed to stop working with temporary files. There are two ways this can work:

  1. Flycheck will save the file all the time without you explicitly saving and you will get flycheck comments on the fly or:

  2. You can tell flycheck not the save the file and only see errors when you manually save. To do that uncomment the following lines in ~/.emacs.d/my-loadpackages.el:

    (setq flymake-no-changes-timeout nil)
    (setq flymake-start-syntax-check-on-newline nil)
    (setq flycheck-check-syntax-automatically '(save mode-enabled))

Another approach is to use temp files. You can do that with [this fork][https://github.com/soupi/dante/tree/with-temp-files].

To use temp files, you'll need a couple of extra steps:

  1. Install minimal-haskell-emacs the normal way including running emacs and letting it install all of the packages

  2. Do the following steps:

    git clone -b with-temp-files https://github.com/soupi/dante dante-with-temp-files
    rm ~/.emacs.d/elpa/dante*/dante.elc
    cp dante-with-temp-files/dante.el ~/.emacs.d/elpa/dante*/dante.el

After that when you run emacs you should be able to use dante and get flycheck comments while the buffer is changed but not saved.